Purely Fit Pregnancy 
A workout program designed to prevent a large ab separation
during pregnancy and after.
9 month online pregnancy workout program to help prevent excess weight gain, keep you strong for labor and delivery, reduce the risk of Diastasis Recti (ab separation) and have a faster recovery.
Diastasis what? 

Have no idea what I am talking about?

I wasn't aware of this condition during my first pregnancy. But I am here to educate you so you have a less chance of getting it as well as after.  Basically when your pregnancy, especially 3rd trimester, your abdominal muscles separate to make room for your baby to grow (which is normal). Why it is an issue? Because the connective tissue holding those muscles together can thin and weaken as it gets stretched, which can cause your abs not to come back together post baby. 

There are certain exercises and other lifestyle tips that can help prevent the ab separation from getting worse, which I teach you everything inside this program so you don't have to worry. 

​​​​​​No crunches. No frontal planks. No jumping. Reduce risk of Diastasis Recti.

You will learn how to exercise safely while being pregnant to reduce any extra pressue on your belly, which will help reduce you getting an ab separation. 

Purely Fit Pregnancy is a unique prenatal program designed for the fit and healthy mom-to-be who is looking to protect her core to help reduce the risk of diastasis postpartum, wants to stay active and energized during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  

​​​​Nervous about what pregnancy is going to do to your body?
Nervous about getting Diastasis Recti after baby?
Stressed and feeling lost on what to do during your pregnancy and postpartum?
First time pregnant and scared on what to do? 
Already a mom and had Diastasis Recti and pregnancy again and don't want to make the gap worse?

I understand. I did too.

I created this program to help you enjoy your pregnancy, loving your changing body, and how to eat and move during it with less stress and worries.

You can still feel sexy during pregnancy and beyond by taking care of your body through properly strengthening your core and doing safe and effective workouts that support your changing belly and tone entire body.

Staying active can also help with having a speedier delivery and makes recovery easier. 

Everything inside Purely Fit Pregnancy is information, tips and workouts I wished I had when I was pregnant for the first time.
  Stay confident, fit, healthy and feeling your best during pregnancy.
Real Time Workouts
Inside you have access to over 30 real time workout videos that all take 30 minutes or less.
Core Exercises
Access to 3 core exercise follow along videos plus video on core breathing. Plus a stretching video.
Lifestyle Tips
Receive labor tips, how to sit to protect your core, labor affirmations and essential oils that I used.
Simple Nutrition Tips.
Receive my basic nutrition tips, supplements, and tips on eating to reduce bloat to reduce excess pressure on growing belly.
Diastasis Safe.
Suffering from diastasis after my first pregnancy during my second pregnancy I made sure all the workouts are SAFE for diastasis with no frontal or crunches!
Workouts For Each Trimester.
I provide different workouts for each trimester. Along with modifications, active rest days on those days where we don't have a lot of energy.
Learn how to feel good, sexy and confident during pregnancy while protecting your core from ab separation post pregnancy and preventing excess weight gain.
I did it. And so can you. I had 2 amazing pregnancies, only gained 20lbs each one and lost all baby weight in a few days.  

After my second baby I was able to have a smaller ab separation postpartum by doing these exact workouts.

I didn't know with my first pregnancy how important keeping your core strong and avoiding certain exercises was going impact my stomach postpartum. Honestly I didn't even realize how important my daily life activities could harm the strength of my belly.

I want to take the stress and worry away, and educate you, so you can go through your pregnancy confident knowing you are doing everything you need to help with recovery. This includes how to handle the mummy tummy. 

I provide safe and effective home workouts for expecting mom's and mom's who want to reduce the risk of getting an ab separation.
Workouts you can do anywhere on your schedule


Now what busy mom doesn't need that? 

Real time attainable workouts that take under 30 minutes and that are REAL LIFE (yes, sometimes my daughter is in the video showing you the real deal. Plus you come into my home where we workout together in a fun way).

What do I mean when I say real time workouts? 
Full length workout videos where you're working out with me, so you are not working out alone. I am with you every rep, every squat, every minute.

No gym necessary. All workouts can be done right at home!

Perfect for busy moms. A realistic approach to having a healthy, happy, balanced fit pregnancy experience.

These workouts will help with labor, any pregnancy pains or discomfort and empower you to be a strong confident mom.

A program that will make you feel strong and comfortable while you are carrying your little one. While training for labor and setting yourself up for a great postpartum recovery.

What you get inside:

 9 months of real time workout videos  that take only 30 minutes or less a day. Only equipment you need is a chair, resistance band, dumbbell, and a stability ball. (Over $2,000 Value)
Workouts for each trimester providing you the energy you need to be an active mom.
Workout schedules for each month. ($150 Value)
Each workout you'll receive an intro video that goes over the moves, full time workout with me, and a printable PDF so you can take the workout anywhere.
Access to over 30 different workouts. The exact workouts I personally did for my second pregnancy. 
Core workouts to keep your core strong to support your growing belly and help you with postpartum belly. ($200 Value)
Tips and exercises for preparing for labor and mindset coaching. ($100 Value)
Exercises  and breathing techniques to give you the strength you need to support a growing belly. ($200 Value)
​​​​​Help avoid common pregnancy issues when it comes to core and what to do for your workouts to stay safe and strong.
Tips on how to minimize diastasis recti during pregnancy (and prepare you for postpartum healing) ($150 Value)
Monthly Group Coaching Calls and private Facebook group to share stories, ask questions, get support ($500 Value)
LIFETIME ACCESS. Starty anytime and repeat program for future pregnancies. You access all your content via a membership site. Nothing is shipped.
Receive simple tips for nutrition, provide you with energy and confidence,  and much more.

Know exactly what to do to have the best pregnancy.
Maintain a healthy body composition while growing a healthy baby, feeling strong and having a piece of mind throughout the next 9 months. 

While most of all. Keeping your CORE safe and strong to help PREVENT diastasis recti (ab separation) postpartum.
38 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and one month postpartum after baby #2

7 days postpartum and 14 days postpartum after baby #2

This program is exactly what I did after baby #2.
No guesswork. No more feeling like you have to do it alone.

I have created your pregnancy (and postpartum) blueprint. I tell you what to do, actually do the workouts with you, and when do to it. If you get my pregancy/postpartum bundle you will have entire year of coaching!

This is a real plan for real moms, like me and just like you. I keep things fun and REAL.  

 I followed this 9 month pregnancy program and then started my postpartum Retrain Your Core program immediately and started to see great results within a few days postpartum.  

So following this pregnancy program and my postpartum program I was able to keep my ab muscles separation only at my belly button which is huge compared to after my first pregnancy where I had a large 3 finger very deep separation! 

I want the same for you. I want to help coach you along the way in a fun, safe and supportive environment. 

I just want to share how amazing these workouts are for a working mom. I can get them done at home in under 30 minutes.  And they are effective workouts. They give me energy during my pregnancy. Thank you so much!  ~ Ana S.
Such great pregnancy workouts that work my entire body and CORE in a safe way. I was so nervous about Diastasis postpartum as I knew how I worked out during pregnancy would effect it, I am so happy I found this workout program. As all the workouts I am loving and feeling so strong. Thanks! ~ Jessica P
Purely Fit Pregnancy Is Right For You If...

You're pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
You want safe and effective, time efficient, full body toning workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment.
You want a safe, comfortable pregnancy and labor.
You want to feel and look good during pregnancy.
You are a mom who wants to get the most out of her workout with least time investment.
You want to know how to keep your core strong and what to do in daily life to help prevent Diastasis Recti during and postpartum.
You want to be in a supportive and encouraging community of moms to help you feel connected and not alone during your pregnancy.
You've had previous kids and have Diastasis Recti and want to reduce the chance of making it worse during your pregnancy.

Training Options
Get over $4,000 worth of coaching, with lifetime access and full support - for a fraction of the cost.
I have two ways you can work with me:
Get the FULL pregnancy program for 4 payments of just $59.


Get support during your pregnancy and learn what to do exactly postpartum to start healing your body. The bundle is 8 payments of just $47. You are getting OVER 8 months worth of coaching with the bundle! With the bundle you get my 9 month pregnancy program plus 16 week postpartum workout program which also includes a 6 week core rehab (safe core exercises to do right after delivery to help start bringing your abs back together).
FULL 9 Months
$59 / for 4 months
  • 9 Months Real time workout videos (over 30 workouts you can do at home)
  • Lifetime Access. 
  • Monthly Group Coaching calls with Lori inside the Private FB. 
  • Tips to help reduce Diastasis Recti, safe core exercises, stretching videos, and tips on safe labor.
  • Community of moms for daily support and advice.
Pre/Post Natal Bundle
$47 / for 8 months
  • FULL access to 9 month Pregnancy Program and FULL access Retrain Your Core  16 week Postpartum Program
  • Lifetime Access to BOTH programs
  • Monthly Group Coaching calls with Lori inside the Private FB. 
  • Tips to help reduce Diastasis Recti, safe core exercises, stretching videos, and tips on safe labor.
  • Community of moms for daily support and advice.
Hi, I'm Lori, your coach
I know how scary and exciting pregnancy can be. You don't have to do it alone. 

I am your expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise. I've helped hundreds of women learn how to exercise smarter during pregnancy to keep growing belly safe, stay strong and healthy. 

I help my clients focus on self-love, mindset and eating to nourish them without restrictions. 

I want you to feel completely supported and know what to do during your pregnancy.

I had two healthy pregnancies and natural births with quick deliveries. But I also suffered from diastasis after my first pregnancy. I was able to heal it, then I got pregnant again. I educated myself so this time I knew how to workout smarter to prevent a large separation. Which I was able to. 

I want to help you do the same.

*Before beginning any program please discuss with your physician or midwife. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have pain, you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. This program cannot guarentee results. Neither Lori Morris nor Purely Fit Pregnancy (nor any individual or corporations associated with the production and marketing of this program) assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other loss, injury or damages that may results. Nor is there any guaranty, warranty or formal representation about the personal benefits of this program. You participate in this workout at your own risk.
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